Client oriented

Roorda  Architectural Studio is an architecture firm, located and working in the Barcelona area. It is our commitment to you as a client to offer you the service that best suits your particular situation.

Roorda  Architectural Studio is a member of the Association of Architects of Catalonia and the Dutch Architects Register and fully licensed to exercise, in Spain as well as in the Netherlands.

Due to more than 18 years of experience in Spain and abroad, we are the ideal partner for the foreign customer with a project in Catalonia. Our ability to serve the client in his native language is often a crucial aspect for the foreign client to feel in control of the project

Architectural Services

We help our clients from the first initiative to the processing of the licenses and the supervision of the work in progress. 

We can take care of all the formalities with the authorities, can help you find the best building plot or select an adequate constructor for the job.


We are specialised in residential architecture and offer architectural services that vary between the design of new houses, renovation and/or rehabilitation projects and interior design. 

Among our services you can find the: feasibility study, sketch design, preliminary design, basic project, building permit application, executive project, project administration and/or supervision and general advice.


Among our projects, you will find designs for private villas and a lot of home extensions and/or renovations. Our restoration and rehabilitation projects include different municipal monuments that were converted into residential buildings.


But also non-residential architecture belongs to the scope of Roorda Architectural Studio. Recently, we finished an Industrial Bakery Building with a surface of 2680 square meters.

Design philosophy

We create architecture, not as an isolated artifact, but as a work that connects and relates to man and his environment. Contemporary architecture, tailor made for its particular client and specific place. One of its characteristics is the exploration of the contrast between the existing and the new, without losing harmony. So is the fluid transition between the interior and exterior, reflecting the idea of transparency and the creation of new relationships.


In our rehabilitation, renovation and extension projects, the new work breathes the present time. While the older, existing part of the building is transformed, bringing the exterior to the interior, enabling to experience the landscape from within. This way, the changes of the light and the colors of each season, throughout the days, happen inside our house like an authentic experience.

3D Services

We use 3D visualisation throughout the design process and also offer 3D visualisations to other professionals within the architecture sector.

Next, to the standard  3D Visualisation Services we offer Photorealistic visualisations, showing lightning, shininess, the roughness of textures and reflections.

A relatively new and very useful service is the 360 degrees panorama render.

Home Selling Services

We offer a series of Home Selling Services hat help you with the selling or renting of your property in Spain. Among the products, we find the Spanish Energy Performance Certificate, and the Certificate of Occupancy, But also 2D Sale Plans and attractive packages of 2D & 3D Sale Plans that will make your sales presentation stand out.

Enjoy the ease and comfort of having one professional taking care of everything you need to make the sale of your property a success.


Are you looking for a Spanish architect in Barcelona or its surroundings that is able to communicate in your language and knows the particular needs and requirements of the national or foreign customer in Spain? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We can take care of the process while you maintain absolute control over your project, whether you are in your home country or not.

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