Products for the selling of your apartment or commercial premise

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About the home selling products

ROORDA ARCHITECTURAL STUDIO has developed a serie of products that help you with te selling or renting of your property in Spain. Products that stand out for their competitive price without compromising quality.


Among the products we can find all the certificates that are necessary for the transition of your property, such as the cédula de habitabilidad (certificate of habitability) y el certificado de eficiencia energética (energy performance certificate) and we also find the  planos 2D y/o 3D (2D and/or 3D plans) that will make that you sales presentation stands out or its impact, professionalism and extra information.


While individual products are already characterized by an extraordinary price, their advantage increases even more when the products are combined. All this, in order to offer the service that best suits your needs during the sales process.

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