2D & 3D Sale Plans

Your 2D & 3D Sale Plans

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2D & 3D Sale Plans

An example of the 2D Sale Plan

Why 2D & 3D  Sale Plans?

The 2D sale plans help the future buyer or prospective tenant to obtain at a glance all the information about the property, that a presentation, consisting of fotos and a mere description, doesn’t facilitate. This way one has a quick vision of the layout of the spaces and the possibilities of distribution of each space.

The 2D selling plans add a touch of professionally to your sales presentation and help you to sell or rent your property faster and better.

Why 3D Sale Plans?

Includes all the 2D Plans as well

Better understanding of the spaces

Better understanding of the materials

Why entrust Roorda Architectural Studio?

Action speaks louder than words. We do what we say.

Visit to the building and drafting of the drawings by a fully licensed & registered architect

Economic price without compromising quality

Possibility to combine products into packages, obtaining attractive discounts



Certificate of habitability +  Energy Performance Certificate + 2D Plans

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