House extension & renovation III

2014-2015, Groesbeek, Nijmegen (NL)

Exterior e interior

A new experience of the house and  the garden

The project consisted of an integral renovation of the entire ground floor of the house and part of the upper floors.


The dining room has been moved to a new extension at the back of the house, by adding the former dining room to the space of the living room, its desired extra space has been created. The dining room has a direct relationship with a new spacious and modern kitchen. During the renovation of the living room, it has been provided with an atmospheric and modern gas fireplace. Various other interventions such as the transformation of the current garage into a fully insulated laundromat and storage room, the extension of the smaller bedroom on the first floor with a flat roof dormer, or optimizing the lighting of the piano room are all included in the project.


A skeleton structure made it possible to provide the extension with a large fully transparent corner frame and transparent sliding doors. This improves the relationship between the garden and the house and makes that the garden can be experienced from within.


The warm materialization of the facade with reddish-brown Lariks creates a contrast with the cool aluminium finish of the roof and the base of polished architectural concrete. Subsequently, the expansion articulates the contrast between existing and new, while still creating a harmonious whole.


The west facade of the extension is equipped with mobile sliding doors and the south façade of folding blinds. Just as in the case of the garden room project, the in time changing positions of the blinds make it possible to perceive the extension as a dynamic structure. With the course of time, the exterior offers changing images and in its interior, it is possible to create different ambiences.



Project: extension and renovation of a freestanding villa

Place: Groesbeek (NL)

Year: 2014-2015