Residential building  'Le Garage'

2010-2011, Arnhem (NL)

Garage "Carel Wolf", años '70

'Le Garage' después de la restauración y renovación

'Le Garage', fragment de la façade

planta primera

Fachada Spijkerlaan

From garage accommodation to residential building

The project consisted in the creation of new houses in the building of the old garage 'Garage Wolf', qualified as a municipal monument. The original building was built according to a design by the architect Willem Diehl (1876-1959). After having become acquainted with the Art Nouveau style during an exercise period in Antwerpen, he settled in Arnhem in 1902. The program consists of three apartments with an area of between sixty and ninety square meters on the ground floor And the first floor of the building. 


The starting point was to respect to the utmost this beautiful and from a historical perspective also important building. With its new function, as a residential building, the conservation of de monument is guaranteed.

Due to a good match between the various parts of the program and the constructive and spatial structure of the building, the necessary interventions could be minimized. As a result, the necessary changes to be made were limited and the building costs were reduced considerably.


All of the neoclassic style elements of the building, with its rich façade decoration and its typical vaulted constructions in the interior, have been preserved. This while the apartments now meet all modern comfort requirements.



Project: ‘Le Garage’-  Municipal Monument

Original design: Willem Diehl (1876-1959)

Place: Arnhem (NL)

Year: 2002-2003