Renovation of private house in Sitges

2016-2017, Sitges (Barcelona)

360-degree panorama view image

A sea of light

An isolated house, built at the beginning of the nineties of the last century was reformed to catch up with comfort, functionality and aesthetics. The atmosphere of the house was characterized by the dominant use of stone and dark wood, creating an atmosphere of a certain heaviness, somewhat overwhelming and oppressive.


The program consisted of the renovation of the kitchen, the dining room, a bathroom, the staircase and various transition spaces.


With the renovation modernity, light and lightness have been introduced inside the house. The design, with its minimalist details and restricted and intelligent use of colour, support this concept.


The renovation of the staircase reflects well the basic concept: the wooden railing was replaced by a slim railing of glass and steel, thus also achieving a different expression of the marble facing of the staircase, that we wanted to maintain.


The new bathroom breathes a similar functionality and naturalness as a result of the design process that reduces the program to its essence.


The project is equipped with a more functional kitchen and equipped with the latest technology.

By combining the space of the kitchen with the space of the dining room, it has been possible to create a more transparent atmosphere and to respond to the desire of the client to give the dining room a more central position within the house, being a meeting place for family and friends. A new opening with iron doors towards the terrace blurs the line between interior and exterior.



Project: Renovation o a private villa

Place: Quint Mar, Sitges (Barcelona)

Year: 2016-2017

3D-view visualisations


Photorealistic visualisations