Villa Curaçao

2012-2013, Vista Royal, Jan Thiel, Curaçao

Modern Architecture and reality

This villa is situated on a slightly sloping terrain with stunning views of the Caribbean Sea. By means of a massive volume on the lower level that houses the garage, the upper floors of the have been lifted. As a consequence of the backward position of the lower floor relative to the forward position of the upper floors, the villa seems to float above the ground.


The use of a 'Dom-ino' structural system, which reminds us of the architect Le Corbusier, offered the possibility of a free distribution of both the floor and the façade. At the same time, it made possible the use of large glass surfaces which in the living room and the master bedroom offer panoramic sea views. The glass windows extend from the floor to the ceiling, blurring the lines of what is interior space and what is exterior space, blending the two spaces together.


At the level of the materials, the contrast in colour and tactility has been exploited of the rendered white and abstract concrete floors, columns and walls and the more specific elements, related to the context and finished with natural stone.



Project: Villa in Curaçao

Place: Vista Royal, Jan Thiel, Curaçao

Year: 2012-2013