House extension & renovation I

2010-2011, Arnhem (NL)

Kitchen and extension

A new relationship between interior and exterior


The design for this garden room is the result of close consultation between the clients and the architect. By means of this synergistic interaction, the design has evolved into a tailor-made solution for the wishes of the clients, both in terms of the program as well as in terms of the form and materialization. The result is an extension with a modern and contemporary look, which at the same time establishes a harmonious relationship with the existing and appreciated 30's architecture.


The section of the garden room has a hook-shaped profile. While the closed side of the cross section forms an appropriate separation on the plot boundary, the open side orientates the view and the direction towards the garden. By articulating the main form through the use of consistently detailed details, interior and exterior blend seamlessly. Thus the house has been brought outside and the garden is brought inside.


Thanks to the sliding doors with horizontal slats, the west side can be protected from the sun while the light is still falling in. The in time shifting positions of sliding doors make that one experiences the garden room as a dynamic building. From the outside, it gives a varied and time-changing view, while creating shifting atmospheres in the interior.



Project: Garden room

Place: Arnhem (NL)

Year: 2010-2011

Preliminary design