House extension & renovation II

2011-2012, Arnhem (NL)

Kitchen and extension


Prepared for the 21th century


This beautiful property from the fifties of the last century was renovated and expanded. Nowadays, the house meets today's demands for comfort, functionality and aesthetics. On the back of the house, by means of a modest intervention and with respect for the existing architecture, there was realised an extension. A minimalist design together with a cladding of anthracite Brazilian slate, create a harmonious contrast between old and new. With the expansion, the living room not only received the desired increase in user space but thanks to a large transparent sliding door, the relationship between the garden and the house, increased considerably.



The interior of i.a. the living room, kitchen, hall, bathrooms and toilet have undergone a true transformation. Thus, in the heart of the living room, a completely new gas fireplace which is finished with an exclusive grey Italian sandstone, shows off.


However, the house renovation exceeds what the eye sees. The use of wall heating and underfloor heating makes for an even more comfortable indoor climate. Finally, a comprehensive package of measures to improve energy efficiency and acoustic comfort is part of the project.



Project: extension and renovation of a house from the 50ties

Place: Arnhem (NL)

Year: 2011-2012

Preliminary design