Residential building with two apartments & a shop

2010-2011, Arnhem (NL)



Plans, facade and section

Between tradition & modernity

The building shown here is located in the historic centre of the city. We were faced with the challenge of building two new apartments and a shop within an existing building of very limited dimensions. Despite these difficult conditions, the result has been very satisfactory.


The entire interior underwent a big metamorphosis. Even structural elements such as wooden stairs are redesigned and have been given a new position within the building. The housing program has been solved in a modern way, applying a duplex typology. One of the apartments is located on the first and second floor and the other apartment on the second and third floor. Seen as a section, the two duplex dwellings interconnect as two L-forms.


The commercial space on the ground floor will be maintained, but also completely renovated. The new facade has been made out of wood and refers to classicist architecture. This way, it relates to similar historical examples from the surroundings.



Project: Residential building with 2 apartments 

Place: Arnhem (NL)

Year: 2010-2011