Private villa

2008, Hacilar (TR)

Related to its place

This holiday home has a spacious living room, four bedrooms, two bathrooms, a terrace on the ground floor and a roof terrace. The property has a living area of about 300 square meters.


The spatial development of the project has not only been determined by the program but is also largely a consequence of the geography of the terrain and the view of the nearby city.


After passing the footbridge, the visitor arrives in an ‘inbetween zone'. This zone marks the transition between the exterior and the interior. This place is created with very simple means, namely by liberating the beams and columns of the structure. However, at the same time, it gives a strong accent to the composition of the façade. The façade is also characterized by the use of natural stone of the area. The irregular and natural texture of the stone forms a tactile contrast with the technological and perfectionist texture of the smooth concrete structure. The interior staircase is a central element that is illuminated by means of a skylight and connects the different floor levels to each other. With a modest minimum of resources and interventions, there has been created a lively, varied and expressive building. The building has been inserted perfectly in its surroundings and answers in a natural and sensitive way to the qualities of its environment.



Project: vacation house

Place: Hacilar (Turquía)

year: 2008